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6 Apps That To Use When Marketing Your Brewery

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When it comes to marketing your brewery, there are a ton of tools out there, some better than others! In my experience, these 6 apps I use almost daily! I will quickly cover how I utilize each one in this email.

1. Untappd – You probably have heard of Untappd but if not, this is a big one! Many breweries use their account to display their beer menus on screens within their taprooms and on their website. But there is alot more you can do with it. You should consider listing all of your events in the Events Tab. If your brewery serves food, add your Food Menu as well. Another thing I like to use Untappd for is to make social media posts using customers beer reviews. I usually will Copy/Paste a positive beer review into a custom graphic (using Canva) that I can then share on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Your beer listings will also show up on Google when searched which is very helpful!

2. Yelp – You should consider creating a Yelp business account if haven’t yet. By claiming your business on their site, you will get access to over 90 million monthly users and a variety of tools to amplify your reach. People can search and find breweries near them as well as leave a review of their experience. Yelp also offers ads that you can buy to show up at the top of the listings. I haven’t experimented with the ads yet but having a business listing at the least is a must for your brewery.

3. Google Business – This is one of the most under-utlizied tools that business should be using daily. Not only can you list your business information & brewery photos but you can also post your social media content on your page! There is a tab that says Create a Post that allows you to upload content to your feed. You should consider using the Events Tab as well to list any events you have going on. This will help your events to show up in Google searches as well. You will be surprised how many views your photos and content will get over time!

4. Canva – This is my most used tool by far! I am not a graphic designer by any stretch but that’s ok because Canva makes it super easy to create stunning posters and graphics for social media. You can choose from thousands of pre-made templates that you can customize to your brand and style. I love the “Resize” feature that allows you to easily change the size/format of the graphic with the click of a button. They have a “Video Creation” tool as well. I personally don’t use it often because I am a professional video editor and I use Adobe Premiere Pro CC but I recommend using Canva’s video creation tool for those who don’t know how to create videos. This is my goto tool for making Instagram Stories, Taproom posters, Instagram graphics and memes, etc.

5. Toast – Looking for a POS system that is designed for the restaurant industry? Toast is a great option. Their UI is very easy to learn and use. Many of the beertenders that I have met, download the mobile app and use it to help keep their taplist updated. When a beer runs out they can remove it from the taplist/display with a few taps. Same when a new beer is tapped.

6. Tripadvisor – When people are searching for hotels to book and restaurants nearby, your brewery should be in those listings. It’s free to claim your business within their system and you can upload photos and business information into your listing. They also offer ads that will bring your listings to the top of the searches within their website.

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