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When Was The Earliest Mention of IPA’s?

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Take a stroll back through the ages as we showcase some of the earliest known references to the iconic beer style, the India Pale Ale.

1. Ashby & Co’s Export India Pale Ale [1876]

First we have an IPA label registered in 1876 by Ashby & Co, a brewery in Middlesex, England. The brewery was founded in 1769 ceased production in 1931. Not much information is available about the IPA’s recipe or tasting notes.

2. Ballantine India Pale Ale Label From The 50’s & 70’s

Ballantine India Pale Ale was once America’s longest running IPA which released in 1878 (pre-prohibition) and was discontinued in 1996. The image below is of a beer label dating back to the 30’s. At that time, the brewery had recently been acquired by Falstaff Brewing Corp. After hitting hard times, the brewery was sold again to Pabst Brewing Company who currently owns the brand.


3. Hinchliffe’s East India Pale Ale Ad From 1917

We found this scanned image of an advertisement for Hinchliffe’s East India Pale Ale brewed by Paterson Brewing & Malt Company. The ad was listed in the Evening News in October 1917 which was distributed in Paterson, NJ.

Source: http://www.beeretseq.com/ipa-a-pretty-romance-part-i/

Below is the full size image of the newspaper. You can spot the India Pale Ale advertisement on the bottom right-hand side of the page.

Source: http://www.beeretseq.com/ipa-a-pretty-romance-part-i/

4. The Oldest Mention of an IPA [1829]

This is the oldest known mention of an IPA which was an advertisement in the Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser of Saturday, August 29 1829.  Taylor’s and East India Pale Ale is listed as being on sale at the Stores of A. B Spark,

Advertisement for East India Pale Ale, Sydney Gazette Saturday August 29 1829