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Our Story

The Founder

Hi, I’m James, the founder of @IPA. I’ve always been into craft beers — you could say I’m a bit of a beer geek. In 2018 I decided to combine my love of IPAs with my professional background in content creation to start a beer-focused Instagram account. As my online following grew I realized that I’d found a community among my fellow IPA-lovers. I continued making connections with other beer geeks and as I did, I noticed that bloggers and enthusiasts were sharing photos of their IPAs in quirky and interesting glassware.

Suddenly, my standard beer glass wasn’t cutting it anymore, so I went off in search of an upgrade. It was much tougher to find a unique glass than I had thought it would be, and it took a lot of trawling through thrift shops to find one that would stand out in a beer lover’s Instagram feed. I shared a photo of the glass on my page and people started DMing me to ask where I’d got it from, so I did loads of research and finally found the manufacturer of my glass. I bought a case for fun to see if they’d sell, and they did! I continued selling that style of glass, then added a couple of other designs, and the rest is history.

In 2022, IPAWeekly.com was launched as an online magazine and weekly e-newsletter that serves up thought-provoking & fun content for beer lovers.

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Craft Beer Culture

In the past few years, craft beer culture has exploded. What was once a niche for beer geeks is now a thriving community of ale aficionados. This ever-expanding audience has brought with it a whole new culture. Awesome can artwork is creating connections with buyers, and brewers are getting more and more experimental with their brews.

With bolder artwork and flavors up for grabs, glassware needs to follow suit. That’s why we’re committed to creating a collection of designs that are as fun as the beer within them. Great beer deserves great glassware and we’ve got a style for every IPA and every occasion.

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Our Mission

The IPA mission is to build a community of beer lovers who are as excited about sharing their love of craft beer culture as we are. As a team, we’re proud to stand by our core values of creating an authentic, grassroots brand by and for beer lovers. Our passion for craft beer is what drives us, and we’re committed to supporting small businesses in our sector. Our glasses are all hand-picked from US-based manufacturers and our eventual aim to create our own glassware designs.

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